Thursday, September 02, 2004


ABC Howdy!

Greetings! Just wanted to say HELLO to everyone. Tomorrow I will be starting the alphabet in Preschool storytime. We have 6 weeks of storytime scheduled through mid-October; after that, we may have sometime off due to construction. I hope the children will still be excited about ABCs even with some time off. Anyone have any ideas on how to bridge the gap if we do have many weeks off?


Saturday, May 29, 2004


Found this

While mindlessly searching the web...(not while working--tee hee!)

Storytime Program Success
Be Prepared
Be Responsive
Be Organized
Be Genuine
Use Ritual
Be Affectionate
Use Music
Speak clearly and loudly
Understand your purpose
Exercise Control (pace & tempo)
Be Confident
Be Enthusiastic
Be Silly
Be Sensitive

From CrisCross Storytime Resources

Friday, May 28, 2004



has smocks that nurses and health care prof. wear with kid-like stuff on them...I've seen ones with the alphabet on them. Cheap and a great way to make it fun! Think of it this way--- its like a uniform, that's one less thing to plan in the morning! Just wear your ABC smock!

Ideas for the Alphabet

Wanted to share some of the things that have worked for me at Bethel with some of the letters of the alphabet:

O-- Play Hot Octopus (like Hot Potato) to opera music
C-- pretend to light a wick on the top of the children's heads and have them melt down to the ground
F-- light the fuse at the top of their head and have them pop!
A-- The Ants Go Marching! Make up your own rhymes
M-- bring out the musical insturments
N-- Read Mortimer by Robert Munsch. Mortimer, who won't go to sleep sings loudly in his bed, "Cling, clang, rattle bing bang gonna make my noise all day!" The kids love to sing this over and over again!
X-- have a treasure hunt. Take black construction paper and white chalk have them make and X-ray
P-- cut out the letter P, cut the pieces of the P apart and have them put it together like a puzzle. Have the kids get on the ground like a piece of paper. Play music softly. Tell them to pretent the music is the wind. When the music gets louder, the wind starts to blow them harder, when the music is REALLY loud, they are up dancing around, like paper blown about in the strong wind.
H-- hat day

Friday, May 21, 2004



If anyone has pictures they would like me to add to the site and you don't want to bother with posting them yourself, just email them to me at

Pictures of the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree!

Click here to see the pics of Mary Ann's tree in the Children's Dept. at Plum Library!

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Your Ideas

as shared on the index cards:

Judy Errico said:

"Sick" or "Germs" idea:
put a little bit of confetti in a deflated balloon. Blow it up but don't tie the end closed. Pretend to sneeze (the louder the better)! Let go of the balloon and let the confetti "germs" fly all over-- hopefully some will land on the children! Then I explain that if I had really sneezed and not covered my nose my germs would be all over, like the confetti!

Heather McCue said:

Goofy Dance Moves
i start, then pick each kid to do a dance of their own.

Mother's Day idea:
I have the kids paint their hand and stamp them on a piece of poster/tag board. I put a cute poem on it about their hand and their name (mother's cry)!

Anne Marie Tom said:

We've added ABC and number carpeting to our children's ear and put in a rocking chair and some climbing furniture and posted fliers asking for used games. Families spend time together when formal programs are not in session.

Mrs. Kathy recommends: as a resource
and starting every program with a special song and ending with one, i.e. The More We Share Together


It was so great to meet yinz today! Thanks for being so gracious and for sharing your enthusiasm and ideas with the group! I will be sending out invites to the blog to those of you who gave us your email address. If you didn't get a chance to submit your address and would still like to join the blog, please email me.
Also, if there was something that we said would be posted here and you don't see it, please email or comment to that effect and we'll add it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Helpful Books

Click here for a list of recommended books.

Professional Resources

Charity has complied a list of terrific professional resources about emergent lit. Click here to access them.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


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